FRANCK MULLER JACKET Elegant iPhone 6/6S/7 Case 25th Anniversary Model

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Gold, Pink, Silver, Black

approx 60g

146.95mm x 77.15mm(5.7 x 3inch)
Thickness 13.7mm(0.5inch)

Included jacket body
2 hex-head screws (spare 2)
dedicated hex wrench 1
instruction manual

NEW for iPhone 6/6S/7 
Cell Phone is not included 
Case only

This listing released in May 1st 2017.

Frank Muller proposes a new time and space production full of joy and surprise while keeping the will at the time of brand creation.
When wearing a watch, of course, when we take off, we have a consistent desire to have a life like a great deal to be enjoyed in the same way, continue to pour passion for the creation of Frank Muller's "rich time and space" I will.
And, despite the fact that I want you to spend happiness filled with important people even if you are away, I came up to create a special case for iPhone that values ​​digital connections with people. The case with the motif of 1 to 12 of the Byzan number which is a symbol of Frank Muller, like the Franck Muller watch, offers a special heavy feeling and playfulness. The color adopts four colors of black matte, silver mat, champagne mat, rosemat.
In addition, this jacket, which was born by using a high-grade aluminum alloy which is also used in a sturdy suitcase and which was produced by 5-axis three-dimensional machining in total, realizes a smooth curve peculiar to Frank Muller and exudes elegance .

Frank Muller expresses luxury from a unique viewpoint on the theme "time" connecting people, without being caught in the frame of the clock.

◆Message from Frank Muller◆
Please feel the power of Byzan figures.
This Byzantine number means that I not only design the wristwatch
It is a number designed to accomplish the world's first in design.
Just like my watch, a three-dimensional form with volume
In harmony with the iPhone, I like it very much.